TeamVisual is a specially customised calendar for sales teams, and marketing departments. It works in cooperation with the TeamVisual desktop application, and reflects your business schedule generated in the desktop version.

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TeamVisual app was developed for MJH-Systems - experienced UK based company, which is a business solutions provider and a software designer for many well known European companies and government institutions. MJH-Systems has developed quite a range of desktop applications, that meet the needs of all kinds of sales teams, and marketing departments, government driving institutions, and many other bespoke software solutions.

The app allows reviewing and editing your events and appointments, add notes and comments to the events, and add the events to the device calendar, so you get reminders and notifications whenever you need them. You have a wide range of preset types of events to chose from. Such operation method helps speed up the appointment setup process and usability.

TeamVisual app requires the user to login, with his Login name and the unique PIN, that is generated and provided by the MJH. This keeps the user’s schedules save, and kept away from any unwanted viewers.

The app is placed to iTunes over the Volume Purchase Programme. This allows the distributor to control the number of copies sold to each particular client company.



Main screen

Main screen
  • you can review your activities either in a month view or in a day view.
  • you can easily and quickly review your schedule for reference, and decide weather you need to rearrange it or add any comments.

List view

List view

Shows all your scheduled activities with the day marks, so you can review them quickly.

Activity review screen.

Activity review screen.
  • looks similar to your original iOS Setup appointment screen, but is much more supportive to your business needs.
  • additional fields are easily configured either by the barrel spinner or a list of alternatives.
  • iPad version of this feature is very user friendly and informative.
  • instant server synchronisation is a “must have” feature when it comes to rearranging your appointments and making sure your team is informed properly.

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