Range module for Drupal

Drupal Module Range

The Range module is inspired by the core Number module and inherits its features. It provides a numeric range field. The Range field allows to save two numeric (integer, decimal or float) values of possible values (from and to), which represent some kind of range (for example: age range).

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The Range module supports third party modules like Feeds & Views (filters view by value, which is in or out of range)

The Range module is supported by Lemberg`s Drupal certified developer, Roman Paska. Read the full story “What I’ve Learnt as a Drupal Module Maintainer”.



Field types

Field types
  • Integer range (range_integer)
  • Float range (range_float)
  • Decimal range (range_decimal)


  • Two textfields


  • Default
  • Formatted string
  • Unformatted

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