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Lemberg is a product development company. We care about the full cycle development: from idea discovery to architecture design, MVP development and building fully-featured Products. Our skill set allows us to build complete solutions combining software, hardware and data science.

Discovery and Workshops

Solution Design, Scoping and Planning

MVP Development

Product Development and Support

Why Lemberg?

Start-up friendly

We know your culture real well

Intense collaboration with the Product Owner

Builds strong customer relationships

In difficult situations

Butt kicked, but product delivered

Own in-house team

IP security guarantee which also ensures trust

Company culture  

Love what we do & passionate about our projects

Products we've helped to build

Ar. FreeFlight Android

Flight control application with HD video streaming for Parrot's quardicopter.


The first connected device that engages, informs and motivates people with key digital metrics and notifications from the Internet.


The world’s first smart camera for families.

IT services for Startups

We provide our clients with impeccable services, including hardware design and prototyping, embedded software development, mobile apps creation, cloud development and integrations with third-party systems and devices.

Hardware Prototyping & Embedded Software Development

Mobile & Web Apps Development

Back-end/Cloud & API Development

AI and Machine Learning

Connecting devices and systems

Support and Maintenance

Where to Start?

Get exactly what you need: Lemberg can help you based on where you are with your project now.

Evaluating an Idea or MVP

Evaluating an idea and need technical feedback

Need a prototype or MVP for pitching an idea to investor or Kickstarter campaign

a new project

I need an estimate based on my project brief (specs/design)

Need to build production ready Product version

Need help
with existing/running project

My existing product needs
new features

My project needs continuous support & maintenance


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